Paul's Mall
March 20, 1973


Quality: A-

Make It
One Way Street
Write Me
I Ain't Got You *
Mother Popcorn *
Movin' Out
Walking The Dog
Tarin Kept A Rollin'
Mama Kin

* removed, officially released

Notes: This is a well know recording, with parts appearing on the official Aero "Live Bootleg" album. In recent years this recording "from the master reels" has circulated. While the quality of that tape is quite good, it's missing the first tune, "Make It."
There has been some debate whether "Make It" was played at all, or if it was grafted onto this gig from another show. I am confident it was played.
I believe the "master reel" source is indeed from the master tape, but likely prepared as a re-broadcast. What confuses matters is there is a short dj intro right before "One Way Street," making it seem like the first tune of the gig. But I think the dj intro was added later as part of the rebroadcast.
I bleive the inclusion of "Make It" also clears up another issue about this gig: The date. The "Live Bootleg" album has it as April 23, 1973. While Aero did play Paul's Mall on that date, March 20, 1973 has also been given as the date. I believe the March date is correct because Tyler poetically says after "Make It," "To the breath of spring, to energy..." Spring typcially begins on March 20 or 21.
This recording is likely from the original broadcast and is complete, minus the two official tunes from "Live Bootleg" that have been removed. I excised those tracks in a way that you can just plug them in right in from the official release, although on the "Live Bootleg" cd "Mother Popcorn" is joined with "Draw The Line" from a later gig.
The tape itself if good, though not as clear or punchy as the more recently circulated Paul's Mall master tape.