Bob Marley - Uprising Alt.

I've had this disk, over 9 yr... At the time I was told
never to trade, or list this disk, cause Mama Marley held a
tight grip on Bob's unpublished songs...
From what I read on the Thomson tapes, the copyright was never renewed.
The first 9 tracks sound alot like the offical releash, however there's
still a differance, not the same as the final mix..
the last 2 songs, I'm not sure of the titles, but I think i
got them right.
The art is made by myself, use it or pitch it, its up to you.

1. Coming in from the Cold
2. Real Situation
3. Bad Card
4. We and Dem
5. Work
6. Zion Train
7. Pimper's Paradise
8. Could you be Loved
9. Forever lovin Jah
10. Redemption Song
11. Redemption Song
12. Pimper's Paradise
13. We and Dem
14. Chant Down Babylon ???
15. Give Thanks And Praises 3:29 ???