Bob Marley & The Wailers
October 24, 1973
Capitol Studios
Hollywood, CA

I got these recordings a some time ago, and after a short time of listening I knew: This sounds good! Verry nice quality studio recordings of Bob Marley from 1973.
I figured out that some of the tracks appear on 2 official videos, so I had to skipped those here...
( Rastaman Chant appears on the video Carribean Nights, and Burnin and Lootin on the Time Will Tell video)

I made the info file by myself as well as the MDs file, cos I didn't have one.


1 Duppy Conqueror False Start 1
2 Duppy Conqueror False Start 2
3 Duppy Conqueror Take 1
4 Duppy Conqueror Take 3
5 Get Up Stand Up False Start
6 Get Up Stand Up Take 1
7 Kinky Reggae
8 Midnight Ravers False Start 1
9 Midnight Ravers False Start 2
10 Midnight Ravers False Start 3
11Midnight Ravers Take 1
12 Midnight Ravers Take 2
13 No More Trouble
14 Put It On
15 Slave Driver
16 Stir It Up
17 Stop That Train
18 you Can't Blame The Youth False start
19 You Can't Blame The Youth

Band lineup

* Bob Marley, vocals, rhythm guitar
* Peter Tosh, vocals, lead guitar
* Joe Higgs, vocals, percussion
* Aston Barrett, bass
* Carlton Barrett, drums
* Earl 'Wya' Lindo, keyboards