White Stripes Greek Theatre, Los Angeles
Wednesday August 17 2005
AT831>Edirol R-1>Cool Edit Pro (fade in/out)>SHN

01.When I Hear My Name
02.Dead Leaves
03.Black Math
04.Blue Orchid>Party of Special Things To Do > Blue Orchid
05.I Think I Smell A Rat
06.Passive Manipulation/Screwdriver

>>Fake Encore<<<

07.My Doorbell
08.You're Pretty Good Looking
09.Hello Operator
10.Hotel Yorba
11.Truth Doesn't Make a Noise
12.Forever For Her
13.Sister Do You Know My Name
14.Death Letter > Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes > Death Letter
15.Cannon > Astro > Jack the Ripper
16.Passive Manipulation
17.Little Ghost
18.As Ugly As I Seem
19.The Union Forever
20.Small Faces
21.Folk Singer (Brendan Benson)
22.The Hardest Button To Button

23.Cold Brains (w/Beck)
24.Denial Twist (w/Beck on bass)
26.Boll Weevil