Bob Marley & the Wailers
the Amandla Festival
Harvard Stadium
Boston, Mass.
(just across the Charles River from Harvard University, Cambridge)
July 21, 1979
runtime: 89:07
disc 1 69:36
1: wake up and live (soundcheck before show) 2:32
2: stage introduction and Bob's opening words :46
3: positive vibration 5:13
4: slave driver 4:15
5: them belly full 4:03
6: runnin' away 5:00
7: crazy baldheads 4:04
8: the heathen 5:14
9: war > 5:36
10: no more trouble 1:43
11: lively up yourself 5:01
12: no woman, no cry 6:53
13: jammin' 5:45
14: get up, stand up 4:43
15: exodus 8:44

disc 2 (encore) 19:31
16: Zimbabwe > 7:17
17: wake up and live 12:14

This was one of Bob's most unique shows because it was before the beginning of
the Survival 1979 tour but it was after the recording of Survival.
So this is really one of the first shows of the tour. Bob was asked to do this
concert while in Jamaica recording the album Survival. Other artists present at
the concert included comedian Dick Gregory who paid Bob respect by kissing his hands
at the show. They made Bob perform during the afternoon because the promoters
feared a powerful performance from Bob could spark a riot. He did give one of
his most powerful performances with improvisation on many tracks from both Bob
and the band. The most amazing part of this show is the encore in which Bob
played 2 new songs at that time. During this long version of Zimbabwe and
Wake Up & Live he gives one of his only speeches.

this is a remaster of a previously downloaded, now off the tracker
dime download (maybe TDD?). I saved the CD but not the files
when I remastered this which means a CD > CD extractor step in
the lineage, although I've heard sbd, FM broadcast and one
aud sources of this show, and while they all sound good, this is
the best of the 3 (imho) for sound quality and completeness.
I don't know who the taper or seeder was of this, wish I did
because this is one of the best DL's I ever got of BMW. It
was recorded with a Naka. 550. the post I got of this is from a
master aud, I have individually reduced the loudest claps by
3-5 DB or so (mostly between songs) since there were many loud ones
and some made the talk of Bob tough to understand. I did some minor
balancing of the levels. If I had done this a little later I would
have saved the files I remastered which would permit a CD-less lineage.
part of the reason I didn't save it is because it's such a great show
and recording, I thought this thing would NEVER drop off the tracker.
It's not on here, (from any source, at least in Bob Marley under "reggae",
including dead torrents) and it needs to be because this was a very
high energy show, one of the better BMW shows I've heard from anytime
or any place. I think legendary would not be overstating it.
It's not easy to get a good recording in Harvard Stadium.
It's where the Crimson play (the Harvard Crimson football team, not
King Crimson) but this taper deserves credit for a fine recording job.
It took a couple of songs to get positioned, after that the sound gets
crisper. I have not applied any EQ, noise reduction or other processing.
Do not sell this recording.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.