Bob Marley & The Wailers
July 12, 1980
Deeside Leisure Center
Queensferry, Flintshire, Wales, United Kingdom

The audio is identical to the torrent which dropped off (after 1375 days on) the tracker last month with 398 Snatches. But none of the files are identical (see "Notes" below).

*Highly* recommended, I love it.

* SQ *
When this Remaster appeared on Dime in 2005, it was a very large improvement in sound quality. The sound is excellent: very clear, almost no hiss and no audience noise. "A"

* Lineage *
I only know that the original Dime FLAC torrent was a Soundboard (sorry I didn't save the info.txt file). I used Cool Edit Pro 2.1 merely to re-track it, and TLH to re-encode to FLAC (level 8), which I tagged with Tag Frontend.

Disc One 73:44
Bob Marley & the Wailers
01 Marley Chant > 3:55
02 Natural Mystic 4:23
03 Positive Vibration 5:05
04 Revolution 5:28
05 I Shot the Sheriff 5:00
06 War (few seconds of song missing) > 3:45
07 No More Trouble (most of song missing) 0:34
08 Zimbabwe 3:44
09 Zion Train 3:59
10 No Woman No Cry 6:52
11 Jammin' 4:34
12 Exodus 7:14
13 Redemption Song 4:10
14 Coming In From the Cold 4:25
15 Natty Dread 4:49
16 Work 4:15
17 Could You Be Loved?// 1:32

Disc Two 18:25
Opening Act: I-Three backed by the Wailers
01 //Precious Love 4:29
02 Slave Queen 4:04
03 Steppin' Out Of Babylon 4:33
04 That's The Way 5:18

Total 92:09
435 MB

* Notes *

None of the files are identical to the original torrent because I renamed them (sorry, in mid-2005 I didn't anticipate ever learning to upload torrents). Given that, I have now also re-tracked the recording; the original tracking placed the opening act at the start of disc one (I have treated it as filler, which was simple because the Bob Marley recording nearly fills one disc, and leaves the opening act to a second disc), and it assigned tracks to non-songs (between one pair of songs there were previously two separate tracks: crowd noise, and band talk, respectively) which I have not (I think most people want trackmarks to allow listeners to hit 'track forward' to get to the next song, not to calculate song lengths).

Whoever created the original audio file did a magnificent job; I examined the audio very carefully and found no flaws (by which I mean gaps, diginoise, etc) whatsoever.

"Band lineup
* Bob Marley, vocals, rhythm guitar
* Aston Barrett, bass
* Carlton Barrett, drums
* Al Anderson, lead guitar
* Junior Marvin, lead guitar
* Earl Lindo, organ, clavinet
* Tyrone Downie, keyboards
* Alvin "Seeco" Patterson, percussion
* The I-Threes, backing vocals


* band introductions by Junior during the "Marley Chant"
* this is the most complete version, although there is a severe cut in "No More Trouble" due to tape flip. "Could You Be Loved?" is severely cut as well, because the 90 min tape ran out and therefore tracks that were normally played during this tour, "Kinky Reggae", "Get Up, Stand Up" and maybe "Roots, Rock, Reggae" are probably missing here.
* other sources exist, most of them missing "No More Trouble" and "Could You Be Loved?", some without the I-Threes' set.
* for a long time people thought this show was played in Chester, England and it was traded as such, while this concert actually took place some miles to the west in Queensferry, Wales.
* second to last show Bob ever played in the UK and the last show in the UK with a known recording." per

I heard that :
The Deeside Leisure Centre is usually used as an ice rink.
According to a newspaper article the show concluded with "Get Up, Stand Up".

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coyote 24 June 2013