Bob Marley
The Yvette Acoustic Tape 1976

01 - Are You Ready?
02 - When I Get To You
03 - God of All Ages
04 - Rumors
05 - They Set You Up My Son
06 - Jammin
07 - Easy Skankin
08 - Oh What A Day

Recorded in one of Bob's girlfriend's houses this tape includes many songs that Bob never released and some that would become some of his most famous classics.
The mood is really relaxed and Bob seems to be in a really great mood often laughing out loud at some of the things he is singing.
He then gets a bit more serious with the deeply religious God of All Ages where he is accompanied by the heartbeat rhythm of a bongo drum.
Rumors is also another great highlight featuring some fantastic vocal form.
Bob on this tape also composes some of jammin as well as a very early rendition of Easy Skanking.
He also chats a bit between songs about opening a hospital in Ethiopia.
The tape closes out with Oh What a Day, which is a long very early version of what would become Misty Morning.

DONT MP3 this!!!