Bob Marley
The Sons of Jah Acoustic Tape
London 1977

01 - Exodus
02 - Jammin
03 - Waiting In Vain
04 - So Much Things To Say
05 - Misty Morning
06 - She's Gone
07 - Time Will Tell
08 - Unknown Jam
09 - ?

This tape starts off with Exodus that is probably from a different session
but it is included on here because it fits in well and it is often included in most sources of this session.
Sons of Jah is a tape that just sits with you forever.
The sweet version of Waiting in Vain that last's 19 minutes is just stunning.
Bob Works with his voice so many different ways and by the end he is really in a great groove.
Half way through So Much Things To Say there is a source switch.
Another half of this tape was discovered a few years ago but someone has tampered with the sound.
There is a strange echo and other effects added on but the music below is just amazing.
Acoustic versions of Misty Morning and She's Gone have been a collector's dream for many years I am sure.
The tape ends with an unknown jam that is possibly not even Bob but who knows. It has been included just in case.e.