Bob Marley & The Wailers
Criteria Recording Studio Rehearsals, Miami
(The Kaya Tour Rehearsals)

friend > cassette (1st gen) > player > m-audio fast track > ableton WAV > FLAC

1 Rastaman Chant
2 Burnin' And Lootin'
3 Time Will Tell
4 Lively Up Yourself
5 Who The Cap Fit
6 Easy Skanking
7 Want More
8 Jamming
9 Crisis
10 Running Away / Crazy Baldheaded
11 Positive Vibration
12 Soul Rebel
13 Waiting In Vain

This is an update to a previous transfer done by myself. I've been going back into the original master files saved from my old transfers and updating the sound, given what I've learned recently. Depending on how this torrent does, I may post the rest of my fixes.

This version has untouched levels and is largely presented exactly as it was on cassette. Since it was recorded in an indoor 'studio' environment, I believe the sound is quite good, and doesn't need unnecessary fixing. I did use a different type of noise reduction that better preserves the spectral.

Also, the beginning of "Who the Cap Fit" was originally tacked on the end of side B, as it was on the cassette. Now it is properly placed in front of the rest of what was "who the cap fit."

Compared to the older source in circulation. I have personally not heard it. But have been told that my transfer is superior. Also, all the tracks are grouped together. The false starts are grouped with the main track so it's less messy looking. Depending on how you like things, I feel this way is better. Also some versions don't have the last two versions of 'soul rebel' & 'waiting in vain'.


Recorded into ableton
Chain of plug-ins:
Generic Compressor > Limiter
Levels left untouched
No Reverb
No Dither
Tape hiss removed in audacity (light treatment)
tracked out and encoded to FLAC in xld