Artist - Tori Amos

Date - 1994/10/05 (October 5, 1994)

Venue - Riverside Theatre, Milwaukee, WI

Setlist And Fingerprints -

Track 01 - Introduction.flac:9d0bacf367172ef70ae140576b7c5893
Track 02 - Bad Company.flac:6c85b513b765d4e5dfa8daacfee184c9
Track 03 - Happy Phantom.flac:90496f9869cef309c9282dbdfd4fe22e
Track 04 - A Tori Story.flac:f0e04c59ee9cd9f8cdb54837f883f979
Track 05 - Yes, Anastasia.flac:da915b0cda4715ca198e3fa748424ea3
Track 06 - Precious Things.flac:7234520a994d977da93b00ec0536b9f8
Track 07 - Amazing Grace.flac:6bd9e99708ef23415bd6e293a599fe10
Track 08 - Icicle.flac:1b3fa0c3a4a0d8c95fdb820629223075
Track 09 - God.flac:0d0898e95552af7b78dfaa40e3d520b2
Track 10 - Winter.flac:071049bf8f86b65b324f471f53db679b
Track 11 - The Waitress.flac:b5ed0d69af2d888cb590605bd0a2a6f5
Track 12 - Bells For Her.flac:372a2c20509236455d64386077ad7439
Track 13 - Me And A Gun.flac:41413ec64cddf94d1a2eadd09db5e01f
Track 14 - Pretty Good Year.flac:4d67df2b1267327d4a9308c924571aba
Track 15 - Cornflake Girl.flac:b2ccdfed308854a086c2810ae9f01491
Track 16 - American Pie.flac:78caa97e68aa5f7af23d86f394042408
Track 17 - Smells Like Teen Spirit.flac:d7968be9c60848d89fea1b3c6d90b7f5
Track 18 - Black Swan.flac:938e08021eaa951cf610c8da908f4ab9
Track 19 - When Sunny Gets Blue.flac:40e98b97373da7335120d211b8e01100

Lineage -

Aiwa one-point stereo tie mic > Aiwa analog tape recorder, model # ??? >
Maxell XLI 90 high-grade normal bias 90 min. cassette tape (master) >
JVC TD-W505 stereo double cassette deck > Aiwa XC-RW700 CD/CD recorder (split into tracks here) >
Memorex 80 min music CD-Rs > Cakewalk Pyro 2005 (wav files onto HD here) >
Cakewalk Pyro 2005 (some tracks edited here) > Trader's Little Helper
(encoded level 8, aligned on sector boundaries)

Quality - 9/10 excellent minus audience recording.
This was taped in Section 1, Row A, Seat 104, Lower Mezzanine

CD 1 - 10 tracks, 41:51
CD 2 - 9 tracks, 40:03

19 tracks, TT: 81:54 This is the COMPLETE concert.

This concert was stumbled on at a live music sharing site which is
dedicated to the work of Tori Amos. It sounded familiar to me but the
quality of the recording was so poor that it was almost unrecognizable.
The show was also incomplete. After suffering through a listen to
the downloaded CD, it dawned on me not only that I knew what show it
was, but that I also knew the taper and was fairly sure that he would
lend me the master to upload here. He did ! I've gained so much here that I want
to give back as much as I can, so I thought that all the Tori Amos fans
here would jump at the chance to have a superior sounding, complete version
of this wonderful concert document to replace the inferior version which
has been circulating (and which hopefully now can be destroyed).

A brief commentary about the recording :
The show was taped from the first row of the lower balcony at the Riverside,
so no one was in front of the taper. (I'm almost certain that this show is
identical to (the same source tape as) the other inferior version I had, but I
wouldn't bet my life on it). What you're about to possess here is a master copy
of a fine-sounding recording of this concert. There is virtually NO talking
during the songs ; the audience is reverently silent while Tori performs. When
the songs end, all hell breaks loose. As with all bootleg recordings, there are
flaws ; luckily the flaws here are minor. The seat that the taper bought for this
show was unfortunately broken & very uncomfortable to occupy. You will hear
movement, slight creaking, fabric-on-microphone sounds and breathing sounds, all
from attempts to shift to better positions to ease what became an aching ass by the
end of the evening. These are all transitory & very short, quiet annoyances that should
NOT interfere with your enjoyment of the show. The show is best listened to on headphones
to hear the absolute audience SILENCE while Tori plays. The concert was NOT
heavily amplified, as was normal in the early Tori days, so it does not have
an upfront sound quality to it ; yet it doesn't sound distant either. Like I said,
it sounds great on headphones. If you are a TA fan, I am positive that you'll
love this show, especially considering the alternative...

Finally, no buy, no sell, no mp3. Please seed as long as you can and share freely
and often. The vocals & piano are well-defined and clear on this recording and
I'm positive you'll like it. The show IS complete and will be a welcome addition
to any collection of early Tori. Have fun and enjoy the show !!!

Last seeded 2/14/2007.