Tori Amos
March 23, 2003
Tulsa, OK, Brady Theater

Source: SP-CMC-4 > SP-SPSB-3 > D100 (48k)
Transfer: ARCHIVE Python 01931-XXX5AC > WDAT >
CoolEdit Pro (remove pops in right channel, resample -> 44.1k) -> CDWAV -> Shorten32

Location: Section ORC-C, Row 2, Seat 2, Mics ORTF in hat.


It would be really nice if you wouldn't sell this recording. I'm not charging people for it, and I'm the one who incurred all the expense in making it. If I'm not charging people for it, you shouldn't either. It's not cool, and it's not the right thing to do. I believe in Karma, and that selling a bootleg no matter how affordable you may think it is, will bring forth bad Karma. You wouldn't want to get hit by a bus, would you? So hey, do the good thing, and share this music freely with the world, the way it was intended to be and make some friends, not customers.



1. Wampum Prayer
2. a sorta fairytale
3. Little Earthquakes
4. Strange Little Girl
5. Band Intro
6. Cornflake Girl
7. Honey
8. TomBigBee
9. Black-Dove (January)
10. Wednesday

11. Where's Toto?
12. Here. In My Head (Solo)
13. Let It Be (Solo)*
14. Yes, Anastasia (Solo)


1. Bells For Her
2. Riot Poof
3. Scarlet's Walk
4. Take To The Sky
5. Bliss
6. I Can't See New York
7. Iieee

encore break 1
8. Taxi Ride
9. Spark

encore break 2
10. In The Springtime Of His Voodoo
11. Tear In Your Hand

*Beatles cover

General tinkering with the sound levels during ASF in a few spots. Good otherwise I think.

This is a re-transfer of the original. The pops came out in the 2nd transfer as well as the first, but didn't show up on the mp3's I made from the DAT deck it was recorded in, so I suppose something damaged the tape somewhere down the line. I removed the pops in CoolEdit and I think it sounds fine. In order to make this one distinctive, I didn't cut the encore breaks as separate tracks on this one, as well as having the redo in the filenames, but we all know that not everyone has picked up the idea that trading only shn's is a good thing, so I thought it prudent.

Yes, that's a guy doing catcalls to the left, and yes he was as annoying in person as is on the recording. Things got a bit bad at the encore, with everyone filling up the aisle next to me, being generally louder than they were during the show, which is pretty nasty as it was a loud crowd to begin with.

Special Thanks to Maria, for loaning me her D100 for the use of taping this and other shows.

This show wouldn't have been possible without Dairy Queen, Justin's Mom's home cooking, and a healthy bit of DayQuill.