Tracy Chapman
Chestnut Cabaret
Philadelphia PA.July 25th, 1988

01.Across The Lines
02.For My Lover
03.No Time
04.Baby Can I Hold You
05.Behind The Wall
06.Fast Car
07.Material World
08.Shes Got Her Ticket
09.My Sweet One
10.Why You Do Me Wrong
11.Troubles Troubles Troubles (B.B King)
12.Give Me One Reason
13.For You
14.Be My Baby
15.Mountains Of Things
16.Born To Fight
17.Talkin bout a Revolution

Sony TCD5M cassette master > PCM-601(analog outputs) > Sony 75ES Dat (spdif out) > Echo Mia 24/96 soundcard>
Wavelab 5.0 (fades & sample rate conversion) > CDWAV (split)> FLAC