Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band
Boston Music Hall, Boston Mass.
Total Time: 83:30

Disc 1

1. MC Introduction
2. Rock And Roll Never Forgets
3. Travelin' Man
4. Beautiful Loser
5. Turn The Page
6. Sunspot Baby
7. Ship Of Fools
8. Main Street
9. Come To Pappa
10.Mary Lou
---- Cassette Flip -----
11.Sunburst (missing opening notes)

Disc 2

12.Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
13.Heavy Music


15.Night Moves
16.Let It Rock

3rd row far left
Recorded on a Maxell UD90
w/ Sony TC-152 Portable Cassette Deck / Tape Position 'Normal' / Dolby 'B' in
using Sony ECM-99A (hand held one point stereo mic)

Master Cassette --> Fiji-150-555 (90 min Reel 'Low Noise' - Revox B77) Tascam CD-RW2000 --> EAC --> CDWAV --> FLAC


Originally my friend Mike and I drove through a snow storm to see Bob Seger & Starz at the Music Hall in Boston (3-18-77). Starz did their set (I recorded them also) and there was a very long wait before they annouced that Bob Seger was stuck at a New York airport and wasn't coming. Tickets were honorerd at the next show which was this one (3-21-77). The Cars opened for Seger on this night (I recorded them also).
There were a lot of empty seats that night as many folks didn't show. This created an issue during the first song as many folks were jumping seats to get down front. The volume is low on the opening song and then increases quickly, some mic restling. The rest of the show is fine.

I had a number of tapes stolen a while ago. This show was one of them. I have an old friend (Mike) who made copies off my original cassettes and held on to them over the years. His reels saw very little play and have held up well. Just wanted to say thanks to Mike for his reel.

I leave it up to you as to how you want to break this show. It runs 83:30 Long.