Bon Jovi Sessions from the Vault Disc Two

Tracks 1-6 The Message Demos.

Before Bon Jovi existed Richie Sambora (guitar) and Alec John Such (bass) played
and recorded with a short lived band called "Message". These 4 tracks were Demoed
for what was to become therr only pre-Bon Jovi album, the 4 track EP, "Lessons".

01 Pessimistic Man
02 Swing
03 Lessons
04 It Won't Be Long
05 Is There Love
06 Any Other Girl

Tracks 7-18 The Tough Talk Rehearsal
Jon recorded this rehearsal of his first Jam session with Richie on board, as they
prepared to begin the writing sessions for thier first album which was originally
to be called "tough talk"

07 Summertime Blues
08 American Dream
09 Tonight #1
10 Tonight #2
11 Promises
12 Better Think Twice #1
13 Better Think Twice #2
14 Stay
15 Jon's guitar doodle
16 Heartbreaker
17 Head Over Heels
18 Broke My Heart