Bon Jovi - Sessions 7

The Orignal New Jersey

Back in 1988 Bon Jovi intended to release a double album as a follow up to
the multi-platinum juggernaut "Slippery When Wet". The record company got
nervous about the higher price point and decided they would only release a
single album. Well as this demo of the comple sequenced proposed double album
shows, the record company was wrong. Great songs and great sound quality makes
this a must have for all Bon Jovi Fans.

01 Love is War
02 Let's Make it Baby (X-rated talkbox version)
03 Judgment Day
04 River of Love (Come Alive)
05 Now and Forever
06 Growing Up the Hard Way
07 Does Anybody Really Fall in Love Anymore?
08 Rosie
09 Homebound Train
10 Wild is the Wind
11 Living in Sin
12 Blood on Blood
13 Backdoor to Heaven
14 Love Hurts
15 Stick to Your Guns
16 Love for Sale