Uncle Tupelo
Iowa City IA

01. Looking For A Way Out
02. Discarded
03. D.Boon
04. Fall Down Easy
05. Flatness
06. Postcard
07. Nothing
08. True To Life
09. Punch Drunk
10. Cold Shoulder
11. Still Be Around
12. Watch Me Fall
13. Sauget Wind
14. Love's Gonna Live Here (end cut)
15. Gun (beginning cut)
16. Factory Belt
17. No Depression
18, I Found That Essence Rare
19. I Wanna Destroy You
20. Graveyard Shift
21. Blue Eyes
22. Before I Break

source: unknown according to factorybelt there seems to be just SBD recordings does sound good overall, hard hitting, punk-style early UT.There are some cuts in on Gun and cut out on Love's Gonna Live Here. Thanks for the taper/crew and Owl and Bear!