Uncle Tupelo (soundboard)
Slim's, San Francisco, CA, USA


I am finally starting to digitize my cassette tapes.
These will be reasonably low but unknown generation
tapes, obtained in trades, recorded digitally to my Edirol.
They are shows that i have not seen in digital format
anywhere else. If anyone has better copies please go
ahead and upload them.

SBD -> cassette tape (unknown generation) -> Edirol R09 16/44
-> CD Wave Editor (for track breaks)
-> FLAC level 6 -> DIME

0 tuning and intro
1 Grindstone
2 Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down
3 True To Life
4 Chickamauga
5 Watch Me Fall
6 Anodyne
7 The Long Cut
8 Slate
9 Atomic Power
10 New Madrid
11 Sandusky
12 Steal The Crumbs
13 Acuff Rose (cut off, tape flip)
14 Looking For A Way Out
15 We've Been Had
16 Give Back The Key To My Heart
17 Fifteen Keys
18 Nothing
19 encore break
20 Life Worth Livin'
21 No Depression
22 Willin'
23 encore break
24 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
25 Truck Drivin' Man