Kendall Toyota Borealis Theatre
Alaska State Fairgrounds
Palmer, AK

Recording Equipment: Sonic Studios DSM6-P mics -> Tascam DR-2D (16/44)

Lineage: flash card -> harddrive -> VLC media player -> DAT line in -> Kenwood A-522 amplifier -> Kenwood GE-622 Equalizer -> DAT line out -> line in on Tascam DR-2D -> WAV -> Wav Pad Editor(track splitting) -> TLH (align,Encode,ffp) -> FLAC

Taper: Steve "ballsdeep" Hagar

01. Intro
02. The Devil's Bleeding Crown
03. Heaven nor Hell
04. A Warrior's Call
05. I Only Want To Be with You
06. Sad Man's Tongue
07. Lola Montez
08. Let It Burn
09. Dead But Rising
10. 16 Dollars
11. For Evigt
12. Hallelujah Goat
13. Maybellene I Hofteholder
14. Goodbye Forever
15. The Mirror And The Ripper
16. Black Rose
17. Doc Holliday
18. Seal The Deal
19. Still Counting
20. Outro

Show Notes: Volbeat.....outdoors.....in Alaska!!! this show was a pleasant surprise for moi, as what I watched on youtube was a bit too 'poppy' for me, but live it most definitely had a harder edge. good crowd (at least 3K in a 4500 capacity venue), and a solid headline set. most acts are only "contracted" for 75m shows at the State Fair, but oftentimes they go over because they dig Alaska (it's a pretty cool setting, amphitheater facing the coast for the fans, and the band gets fans with carnival lights immediately behind and 8,000 ft. tall mountains (usually dusted with snow by September) 10-15 miles behind that. I still don't know a Volbeat song title (other than "Seal The Deal"), but I can say this show has been played, cranked, at least 50 times since it happened (especially when out of coffee). it's that good (though a bit washy the couple times the wind kicked up)...BIG thanks to the immortal bubba420, and you never know what may crash and burn on the pike next....

---ballsdeep OUT!!!


01. Intro.flac:5071d49a9422e86e5f9a934d7dd04cdf
02.The Devil's Bleeding Crown.flac:e79f09f07fcbdaffcb2f250df5cf8b17
03. Heaven nor Hell.flac:c27ce110ddd9639e6019b54a6f118959
04. A Warrior's Call.flac:17bf3287cb9e4d5f41fdefd9d9361a78
05. I Only Want To Be With You.flac:f88beaf52f055cac8164fb81e4295c4f
06. Sad Man's Tongue.flac:b3dd4d0b97b81fe4ccb85424662da0e5
07. Lola Montez.flac:e41f4cc8bdd8737dcc3a79c5a5a878b8
08. Let It Burn.flac:3214bdd51b1e381197c2aab12702fbe3
09. Dead But Rising.flac:a347dc2c6f8f93e724a5b93797fcd813
10. 16 Dollars.flac:f878f387b22ee75acdb2b401926765a0
11. For Evigt.flac:486bb7c1cfaa677bc177e97c13058bad
12. Hallelujah Goat.flac:5281e9484c320505146c8804132c4607
13. Maybellene I Hofteholder.flac:737b5a41e8f92f4c4307200b1cc5174a
14. Goodbye Forever.flac:e4900f83fe8f5b6e5dce1237c844362a
15. The Mirror And The Ripper.flac:84ebb46510d6592d25e5250b21e0ca96
16. Black Rose.flac:7c955c037c0ffc462598f30c5f062ea0
17. Doc Holliday.flac:7c704aaf5b1e52da8d1db63fba3007ae
18. Seal The Deal.flac:8f62dd911ff710957c87544a13ffea16
19. Still Counting.flac:799cbc39b91569a318c0126ab1816801
20. Outro.flac:fbfdc0b94580f53a48375af7efd12bc9