Oberhausen, Germany
13. November 2016

minimax master-series #726

Master - Audience recording

Sound-quality: excellent-
Recording position: seat, left side, about 25 meters away from the stage
Equipment: Zoom H4N - Sound professional microphones SP-CMC-8
Location: the usual crappy hall
Visitors: about 12.000 – sold out within minutes
Parking-costs: ./.
Catering: no beer, no fun. Selfmade Laugenserviettenknödel with Römerbraten and Red Wine-Champignon-Sauce, Obstsalad
Weather: dark, cold, a little little bit of rain (outside)
Question: What's the difference between Volbeat and The Scorpions?
Answer: The Scorpions once sold slips for women with their logo on it at their mech, Volbeat not!
The Scorpions had a big cat-walk into the audience, Volbeat had one as a curve on the back of the stage. Both band-members have a lot of place on stage, so they can go a lot around from here, to there, and back, and back again.
At a Scorps-concert you will see many many female fans, at a Volbeat-gig too.
At a Scorpions-gig you can hear a whistling-song, Volbeat maybe are still working on it...
A Scorpions-concert is like a „Punch-and-Judy“-show, at a Volbeat-concert you probably might miss the Kasper and the Crocodile (not the Kaspar!! - of course) and you won't see grimmassing-guitar-players.
Maybe you'll get more different kind of „music“ at a Scorps-gig (slow, hard, pop-a-like) as on visiting a Volbeat-one (rock and roll and heavy)
Winner: ..and the winner is: o.k., it's Volbeat!!
Concert-Info: sold out, 6000 visitors or more had Volbeat-T-shirts on. After a – viel verheißing – intro the curtain felt down, the band was up and – on we go, with the typical Volbeat-song-sound-and-so-on. Michael Poulsen could stand on four different places to sing into one of the four different microphones. Three in front, one at the back on the cat-walk. And so the concert went on: he went from here to there, the others (except the drummer) from there to here and back. We got some „Hoy! Hoy! Hoy!“ and some nice pics on the video-screen at the back. After fifteen minutes I think we got it all, from then on we got the same songs on and on, the same performance on and on, the same videos on and on. Let me say it: I got a bit -and unexpected- bored.
Nice to see when they invited the youngsters of their fans to come on stage at the last song. But I knew that from another Dropkick M. - concert, too.

Including Cover-Artwork!

Michael Poulsen
Jon Larsen
Rob Caggiano
Kaspar Boye Larsen

The devil's bleeding crown
Heaven nor hell
A warrior's call
I only want to be with you
Lola Montez
Let it burn
Sad man's tongue
Hallelujah goat
The gates of Babylon
Dead but rising
16 dollars
For Evigt
Pool of booze, booze, booza
Boa (JDM)
Goodbye forever

Black rose
Doc Holliday
Seal the deal
Still counting

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