Artist: Bon Jovi
Title: Never Say Goodbye, Access All Areas, A Rock & Roll Odyssey
Date & Venue: Ahoy, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Europe, 6th of December 1989

Label: GEMA
Matrix: SDI 001

Recording: Radio Broadcast

Source info: Silver cd -> wav (EAC Secure Mode) -> flac (Traders Little Helper)

Checksum file: Included
Process log: Included
EAC log: Included
Artwork: Included


01. You give love a bad name 4:43
02. Born to be my baby 6:41
03. Blood on blood 7:13
04. Livin' on a prayer 6:25
05. Little wing (acoustic) ~ Wanted dead or alive 10:32
06. Bad medicine ~ Gloria ~ Bad medicine 8:47



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