bonnie 'prince' billy - bonny tour - the mercy lounge, may 02 2006, nashville, tn

taper: stagscousin
location: approx. 10 feet left of center, 25 feet from the middle of stage.

equipment: Sony ECM-MS907 One-Point Stereo Mic (120 degree setting, mic rested in it's holder on a ~1-inch thick foam, mounted with double-sided foam tape on a table in a ~1-foot raised seating area, ~5 feet of the ground, pointed at ~45-degree-angle towards the ceiling over middle stage) --> Sony MZ-RH910 Hi-MD Walkman/Recorder (settings: mic sens. high, manual recording level ~10, rec mode PCM)


01 intro
02 blood embrace
03 four screams
04 bed is for sleeping
05 lift us up
06 cat's blues
07 what are you?
08 love in the hot afternoon (cover)
09 life in muscle
10 only someone running
11 you'll get eaten too
12 goat and ram
13 my home is the sea
14 encore
15 i gave you
16 birch ballad
17 legendary hearts (lou reed)

notes: there is a momentary drop-out during 'birch ballad', towards the end of the song, caused by my table getting bumped.