Willie Nelson 1984-09-08.nak300.commander info

Willie Nelson Family Band
source cassette masters recorded by Commander.
lineage: (2) nak 300 w/cp1>sony tc-D6m >(4) xlII -90 nr-out.
Transfer: Dragon no dolby>Ayre QA-9>USB>Audacity>24-96>r8brain>TLH. taperchuck3 aka cosmicchucky sept 2016,feb 2017.

01 Orange Blossom Special ??
02 -
03 -
04 Whiskey River -> Stay a little Longer
05 Funny How Time Slips Away -> Crazy -> Night Life
06 If You Got The Money Honey
07 Sweet Memories
08 Workin Man Blues
09 Help Me Make It Through the Night ->
Me And Bobbie McGee
10 Lovin' You Is Easier ??
11 Blood Mary Morin'/ cut
12 /Blood Mary Morin'
13 Time of the Preacher Theme -> ?
14 Red-Headed Stranger
15 instrumental
16 Blue Skies
17 Georgia
18 All of Me
19 Stardust
20 ?
21 Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground
22 On the Road Again
23 You Were Always on My Mind
24 Will the Circle Be Unbroken
25 Amazing Grace

Neil Young and the International Harvesters
with Willie Nelson
26 d1t04 - Working Cowboys
27 d2t04 - It Might Have Been

Neil Young and the International Harvesters
Ben Keith - pedal steel, vocals
Anthony Crawford - guitar, banjo, fiddle, vocals
Rufus Thibodeaux - fiddle
Spooner Oldham - piano
Tim Drummond - bass
Karl T. Himmel - drums
Larry Cragg - autoharp
Joel Bernstein - guitar

occasional wind noise, worst noise removed.
t02 is clipped at start.
tape flip after t11, song continues on t12. fadeout at end of t25. maybe end of show?
The Band, Neil Young and the International Harvesters, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson Family Band were on the same bill.
t26-7 guest earlier, on songs during Neil's set.
Thanks to commander for lending me some master tapes to share. enjoy!

Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-01a.flac:2399434d1a75704f758f31a4ed747dc6
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-02.flac:aaf90ae5333bf251005337f175659886
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-03.flac:354cc491b0f2e8e3a6f513cba610f11b
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-04.flac:825fa74b077fc50d6ef0fee7c588457c
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-05.flac:a41b32f243bf935c45ea4818be7d5a5b
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-06.flac:50e7003caac748de7abfd1e160349a93
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-07.flac:5a71a53e239f387e841e3f0ba64978f6
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-08.flac:71d1bf57edb637f6b0a6c1162109da6d
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-09.flac:5476f89659454d6d878938fc1ac0c45e
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-10.flac:1b8d0450e394e6443e3170792c546292
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-11.flac:d6c82d9cd7412396927ded781116e578
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-12.flac:bca15c06c2dfb8a6ea63901b041abd85
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-13.flac:f6009296157ef269fd5049aebbbc540b
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-14.flac:39c8831796204639bf69e6d2d3cef77e
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-15.flac:795828317bd1bb741759bfed3279d13d
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-16.flac:dfcfb55d2e3e7427ae2214eddbb8b48d
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-17.flac:690d832069875bda6f327464b49dea9d
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-18.flac:d496a03dd404c5ffb6ed263b77429c09
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-19.flac:de4d817229f8da858c87ae06be647245
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-20.flac:8dbfc8e457121224ff7f7216e4d1d66b
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-21.flac:628ed0f952ffa8c6fc4a54a2628feacf
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-22.flac:ac76550856d9cd14cec00ce0c4f9d051
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-23.flac:d3c3efe78b82e11b86567b026fab7d05
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-24.flac:4a7b947fd84f702711d3571416d5ce0b
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-25.flac:422e6024f955da252b3a1e60ddd54612
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-26. and Neil Young.d1t04 Working Cowboys.flac:6445b13ac36acd2d361f2f8bbbfa174b
Willie Nelson1984-09-08.nak300.cmdr.t-27. and Neil Young..d2t04 It Might Have Been.flac:4cfe8b8389160fdd37982de921140663

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