Bonnie Raitt
March 5, 1988
Houston, Texas

PCM Digital Soundboard

DAT Transfer
Otari DTR-8S >S/PDIF >Korg MR2000-S (16bit/48khz)
Har-Bal 3.0 & iZotope RX6 advanced (prep)
Flying -M- (Feb 2018)

WAV >Audacity (Track Splits, Down Sample / Dither To 16bit/44.1khz) >FLAC (Level 8) + Tags Via xACT 2.44 By OldNeumanntapr (March 2018)

Late Show:

01. Love Me Like A Man
02. I Ain't Blue
03. That Song About The Midway
04. Hold What You've Got
05. You Got To Know How
06. Up The Country Blues
07. Louise
08. El Salvador
09. Women Be Wise
10. Big Road
11. Mississippi Road
12. River Of Tears
13. Blues Medley:
xx. Write Me A Few Of Your Lines >
xx. Kokomo Blues >
xx. Walkin' Blues >
xx. Death Letter Blues >
xx. Special Rider Blues
14. Willya Wontcha

15. Angel From Montgomery
16. Born In The Country

Second Encore
17. Sweet And Shiny Eyes
18. Man Size Job

Second Set:
Bonnie Raitt - Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Johnny Lee Schell - Bass, Electric Guitar & Vocals

OldNeumanntapr Notes:
This was a trade DAT that I received from Jerry Cannon in the middle to late 90s. I just realized that this show will be exactly 30 years old on Monday. I always liked this show because it was just a duo, with Bonnie and Johnny Lee Schell, and had a real stripped down raw sound without the band. Flying M took a good sounding recording and made it even better with his post production magic, so thanks is definitely in order for his efforts! I wish I had the early set too, but this one is still pretty hot. I’m not entirely sure that the first set circulates, because most people seem to just have the late show. Bonnie would have her big comeback album a year later, which would be when I would see (and record) her for the first time, when she opened for the Dead on New Years Eve 1989.

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