Modest Mouse
July 17, 2018
Tennessee Theatre
Knoxville, TN
Taped by MajinTrunkz (Matt P.)

ZOOM H1 (48kHz 24bit WAV) > SD Card > Audacity > FLAC

Set list:
01. [Intro]
02. Satellite Skin
03. Be Brave
04. [Isaac jumps the audience]
05. Bury Me With It
06. Lampshades On Fire
07. Fire It Up
08. [Isaac's motocross outfit]
09. Bukowski
10. King Rat
11. Interstate 8
12. Wicked Campaign
13. Dashboard
14. [Perfect Disguise false start]
15. Perfect Disguise
16. Ocean Breathes Salty
17. The Whale Song
18. The Good Times Are Killing Me
19. [Encore Intro/Fresh Air]
20. Broke
21. Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
22. Cowboy Dan
23. Paper Thin Walls
24. The Ground Walks, With Time in a Box

Run Time: 1:38:57

This was a really fun show, Isaac seemed to be in a good mood and talked a bit inbetween songs, including showing us his
magic trick of "jumping the audience," where he simply stood there with his eyes closed for a second. He even had one of
the photographers in the pit hold his video camera to film it. He also comments on a very excited girl in the front row
who flashed him when they came out for the encore. This same girl showed up after the show while Isaac was talking to fans
and signing stuff, and tried to convince the security guy with Isaac to let her in the front of the line by showing her
tits again. He did not oblige.