B.B. King
Pier 6 Pavilion, Baltimore, MD
June 14, 1997

Source 2

Source: Core Sound Binaural mic > Sony TCD-D8.DAT (transfer courtesy of keytohwy) obtained 4/13/14

Editing: Soundforge (volume adjustment) > Wav (EAC tested) > TLH (sector boundary aligned) Flac level 8

Traders Den 8/4/18 - posted by kingrue upload 1553

The opening acts were Johnny Lang, Tower of Power and Robert Cray.

I have not posted source 1 yet, because it needs to be pitch adjusted to match this digital source --

This source is missing the last song

I'd give the sound quality a (B+)., it's decent & listenbable

Thanks to keytohwy for the transfer,

Band members:
Keyboards: James Toney
Guitar: Leon Warren
Trumpet: James Bolden
Saxophone: Melvin Jackson
Trumpet: Stanley Abernathy
Bass: Michael Doster
Drums: Calep Emphrey Jr.
Percussion: Tony Coleman

Set list:
01 crowd cheer
02 Instrumental
03 Instrumental
04 BB King Introduction Jam
05 Let The Good Times Roll
06 Stormy Monday
07 Whole Lotta Lovin'
08 Darling, You Know I Love You
09 Ain't Nobody Home
10 Five Long Years
11 Instrumental
12 Understand
13 Please Accept My Love
14 Why I Sing The Blues
15 Rock Me Baby
16 The Thrill Is Gone
17 Band Introductions

Total Time = 84:02 min

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01 crowd cheer.flac:4473e90de746521ea33dc50a12a6317f
02 Instrumental.flac:89f9cf3874fcc3ae1a6f6c9e79488c84
03 Instrumental.flac:3e305cf8205b01c07c287776d033d2fd
04 BB King Introduction Jam.flac:eebfb69bfb8db451ee37dfde9d119965
05 Let The Good Times Roll.flac:d66a761a6ebc240a0b5f3a9c63af454e
06 Stormy Monday.flac:4adf923c066aa821d6513d81c3dfe1ff
07 Whole Lotta Lovin'.flac:62a71d7b4d8942c294a0df3efb6fa02b
08 Darling, You Know I Love You.flac:3e27109f55f9d276b0d255e768f8857c
09 Ain't Nobody Home.flac:82ff42ebeecf086fcb3dc46021bb0b32
10 Five Long Years.flac:2ea0ddcc958be6d6ddca018a8ca9c4f9
11 Instrumental.flac:0c148d4c883fdeefea61c7ed4d0f1459
12 Understand.flac:0ec34dcae94ab8fa435d1608647a480e
13 Please Accept My Love.flac:b449f21a95400948ba5216f5ff31b11c
14 Why I Sing The Blues.flac:ea02492c841b91e01fcfd975fe4c8b06
15 Rock Me Baby.flac:dff4d2e0ff97f6feeee34c1f9af315df
16 The Thrill Is Gone.flac:fafbe576a6696dbe45295e044f10b965
17 Band Introductions.flac:d19567a725fff084d03b929f9869445d

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