Brett Michaels

Nov 28, 2008

Access Showroom @ Aliante Casino
North Las Vegas, NV

EQUIPMENT: Audio Technica AT853A Hyper > Beyer Dynamic MV100 > Edirol R-09 48/24 bit
Recorded : 25 FT DFC


TRANSFER Edirol R-09 48/24 bit > CD Wav Downsampled 44/16 Flac 8 Traders Little Helper

Disc # 1
01. Intro
02. Talk Dirty To Me
03. Bittersweet
04. Look What The Cat Dragged In
05. Driven
06. Sweet Home Alabama
07. Your Mama Don’t Dance
08. Something To Believe In
09. Knocking’ On Heavens Door
10. Unskinny Bop
11. Go That Far
12. We’re An American Bar
13. Every Rose Has A Thorn
14. Fallen Angel
15. Nothing But A Good

Tapers Note:
After the show they auctioned off the that Brett wore that night for charity. Two girls got in a bidding war
with the hat going for $3200!! As a consolation they let the losing girl have a hat for $700 though
it was not a stage worn hat.

After listening to this show, I have to say he is one of the most chessy front man in rock. It is something you do not notice at the show, but
now that I noticed it I am not sure I can sit through one of his solo shows again. The same that I cannot see going to another Bon Jovi show once
someone pointed out his "signature" move. He does his little spin stops and looks at the crowd for a couple of seconds then smiles.
After he did this a few times on stage I could not watch him through the rest of the show.