Conway Savage & Suzie Higgie
14th of October 2000
De Werft, De Nachten festival
Geel (Belgium)

lineage: audience master
source: Core Sound binaurals > battery box > Sony DAT TCD-D7
mastering: Cool Edit Pro > CD Wave Editor > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC

time: 43 mins

01. The Letter
02. 1000 Days
03. Don't Plan On Leaving Town
04. Wild Heart
05. Hooplaville
06. Only You Can Do It [Charles Vincent Blackwell]
07. Never Going To See You Again
08. Turn The Big Light Off
09. Fair And Tender Ladies
10. Just One Of Those Things
11. Blackhills

line-up: Conway Savage (vocals, keyboard) and Suzie Higgie (vocals, guitar)

notes: Touring to promote their "Soon Will Be Tomorrow" album (recorded 1995, released in Australia in 1998 and in 2000 in UK). Conway Savage was a member of Dave Graney's White Buffaloes (1988-1990). In May 1990, he joined Nick Cave's Bad Seeds remaining a member until spring 2017, when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. On Sunday September 2, 2018 he passed away at the age of 58. RIP Conway!