The Arcade Fire
Nottingham Arena, UK
Wednesday 31st October, 2007

Support Bands: Wild Light, Clinic (not recorded)


GreenMachine GM-Pro Mics
-> GM Battery Box
-> iRiver H120 (Rockbox v061206)
-> SoundForge (v8.0d) (trim WAV, fade in/out, normalise)
-> CDWave (v1.95.1) (tracking)
-> TLH (v1.0.0.72)
-> FLAC (level 8)
-> Foobar2000 (v0.9.4.2) (tagging)

Source: Audience recording from 2nd row,left of centre of the stage
Taper: PABBY
Duration: 1h 21m 53s
Size: 418 MB

Track list:

01. Black Mirror
02. Keep The Car Running
03. Neighborhood #2 (Laika)
04. I'm Sleeping in a Submarine
05. Surf City Eastern Block
06. Still Ill (The Smiths cover)
07. No Cars Go
08. Haiti
09. (Antichrist Television Blues)
10. Video interlude
11. The Well & The Lighthouse
12. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
13. Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
14. Rebellion (Lies)
15. Encore break
16. Intervention
17. Wake Up


SoundForge was used for trimming the start/end of the WAV, adding fade-in/out and normalising to peak value. No equalisation was performed as I believe in letting people with better skills than me make any necessary adjustments.

Well, what a night! The band came onstage in Hallowe'en masks and were really up for the occasion, thoroughly enjoying themselves and putting in a sterling performance. Until Power Out, that is. Well into the song, Win was hit pretty hard by a shoe thrown from the audience and went ballistic. He walked off stage, abandoning the song, and the band proceeded to follow him a few moments later. They all returned after a minute or so to finish Power Out, but the magic was gone.

Worse still, during the next song (Rebellion) more objects were thrown forcing Win to stop singing and issue the warning that "one more thing comes on stage and I'm never playing fucking Nottingham again". They finished the song then left the stage for the encore break. On returning they played a fantastic version of Intervention before ending proceedings, as usual, with Wake Up, though Win was gone well before the end of the song, disappearing into the audience no doubt trying to find someone wearing only one shoe!

Don't let these shenanigans put you off though - in my opinion this is one of my best recordings of the band, maybe even better than Manchester 9th March 2007. Enjoy!


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