Arcade Fire

January 28, 2014

01 Reflektor
02 Afterlife
03 No Cars Go
04 Keep the Car Running
05 Normal Person
06 Rebellion (Lies)
07 Devil Inside (INXS)
08 Here Comes the Night Time
09 Wake Up

Track Info: Qantas Credit Union Arena, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Source Info: FM>LPCM>WAV>FLAC [Pioneers VSK-920 K Tuner > Sony PCM-M10]
Mastering: Adobe Audition [Normalise to 0.1DB, edit out station IDS, down sample to 16 bit 44khz] ; TLH (Fix SBE’s > FLAC]
Converter: Roman79
Length: 52:18
Sound Comments/Faults?: Very good FM broadcast. Station IDs have been removed.
Show Comments: Triple J Broadcast on May 4, 2014. Unfortunately the first half of the set they broadcast a few days earlier and I didn’t capture it . As of 2019 I hadn’t sourced someone’s else’s capture of the first half. This is basically the second half of the gig, but with Reflektor and Afterlife replayed from the first broadcast. However they still didn’t broadcast the 2nd last song “Ready to Start” despite claiming the gig was complete. Only 50 mins of an Arcade Fire 'alledgely complete broadcast' FM is not ideal, but better than 0 mins.