Concrete Blonde
Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada
February 8, 1994

Lineage: Sony ECM-909 mic > Sony Walkman (model unknown) > master Maxell XLII 90 cassette > Tascam 202MKV > Edirol R09 (16/44) > Adobe Audition CC2017 (level boost/hiss reduction) > CD Wave Editor (track) > flac8

Recorded by: Andymon
Transfer & Tracking: Smores

1. Your Haunted Head
2. Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)
3. Ghost Of A Texas Ladies' Man
4. When You Smile [Dream Syndicate]
5. Carry Me Away
6. ...Long Time Ago
7. Someday?
8. Jenny I Read
9. Days And Days
10. Joey
11. Heal It Up
12. Tomorrow, Wendy [Andy Prieboy]
13. Mexican Moon
14. Castles Made Of Sand [Jimi Hendrix Experience]
15. Shout [Tears For Fears]
16. God Is A Bullet
17. Run Run Run
18. -encore break-
19. Everybody Knows [Leonard Cohen] > Sugar Mountain [Neil Young]
20. Respect Yourself [Staple Singers]

notes: Over the years, some 'Andymon' masters had been traded and may have been transferred, processed, and posted by others. This is the first time the masters are being shared.

This show is another "Andymon" master. He was kind enough to give some of his masters to be shared in this forum. If you have masters that you would like to share, but lack the tools, time, or know-how, please contact SMORES on DIME and I will be happy to discuss them with you. thanks.