Live in Amsterdam 1971 (LP)

The Ahoy, Rotterdam, 27-Nov-1971
Frank Zappa, Mark Volman, Howard Kaylan, Jim Pons, Aynsley Dunbar, Don Preston and Ian Underwood

1) Peaches en Regalia (03:21)
2) Tears Began to Fall (02:45)
3) She Painted Up Her Face (06:41) [including "Half a Dozen Provocative Squats" and "Shove It
Right In"]
4) Who Are the Brain Police? (06:45)

5) Sofa (11:28) [including "Once Upon a Time", with the line "Geef mij wat vloerbedekking onder
deze vette zwevende sofa" in Dutch]
6) Stick It Out (10:22) [early version]

Sound quality: better than Poot-Face Booogie
Length: 39:14
Label: Winds Records ZPP 1A/B

Originally issued in the Netherlands as In Europe by WorldWhite Productions (WWA 13), with two
variant covers
Re-issued in the US, with bonus tracks, as Poot Face Booogie by The Amazing Kornyphone Record
Label (TAKRL 1909)
Re-issued slightly differently as Live in Amsterdam 1971 by Winds Records (ZPP 1A/B), with better
sound on the Rotterdam tracks than Poot-Face Booogie

The labels are white; the front cover shows Zappa with his guitar; the back has two pictures of
band members: one from a train or bus, one possibly from backstage. The address given to Winds
Records is "Winds Records, Kentish Town Road, S5 7UF Yorkshire, Sheffield". The track list on the
cover is not correct, running "Peaches en Regalia", "Tears Began to Fall", "She Painted Up Her
Face", "Who Are the Brain Police?", "Presentation", "'Geef mij wat vloerbedekking onder deze
vette zwevende sofa'", "Sofa (Dutch Version)", "Streck Ihn Aus / Stick It Out (Early Version)"
and "Medley Unrealize".

Informants: Kerschgens et al

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