Arcade Fire
Berkeley, CA
Greek Theater

Recorded and edited by lieutzip

Lineage: Rode IXY-L mics > Audioshare App with bass roll-off > Audacity (EQ, Normalize, fades, minor edits for crowd noise) > FLAC > You3

Location: Orchestra Pit, Stage Right, app. 15 feet from right amp stack

Stuart Bogie: Keys, Saxophone
Will Butler: Vocals, Keys, Percussion, Tamborine, Scaffold Climbing
Win Butler: Lead Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Piano, Tamborine
Regine Chassagne: Lead Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Keys, Xylophone, Dancing
Jeremy Gara: Drums
Tim Kingsbury: Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Sara Neufeld: Violin, Keys
Richard Reed Parry: Vocals, Guitars, Percussion

+several more dancers and percussionists

Length: 2:07:30

01. My Buddy (Alvino Rey and his Orchestra Song)
02. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
03. Neighborhood #2 (Laika)
04. Une annee sans lumiere
05. Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
06. Neighborhood #4 (Kettles)
07. Crown of Love
08. Wake Up
09. Haiti
10. Rebellion (Lies)
11. In the Backseat
13. Reflektor
14. Afterlife
15. Electric Blue
16. Put Your Money on Me
17. Neon Bible
18. Intervention
19. The Suburbs
20. The Suburbs Continued
21. Ready to Start
22. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
23. We Exist
24. Creature Comfort
25. Everything Now Continued
26. Everything Now

Show Notes

Last proper headlining gig of the 'Everything Now' tour, and third of three unique shows where the band performed 'Funeral' in its entirety. Speaking strictly in terms of the 'Funeral' songs, I'd argue this was the strongest of the three performances. Rest of the show is great as well, providing a nice survey of the band's catalog, and throwing in a couple pleasant surprises with the title track to 'Neon Bible' (performed opposite a sea of cell phone lights) and 'We Exist', complete with a troupe of dancers out on the second stage. After a couple years of heavy touring, the band is sounding terrific here, and there's a warm, happy, end-of-an-era vibe to the whole performance. I'm a big fan of these guys, seen them many times over the years, and quite honestly, this show was one of the best.

About the Recording

I'm a very casual taper; it comes a distant second to my own enjoyment of the show. Mainly, I use these small, concealable mics as private back-up in case the work of a more dedicated and accomplished taper fails to surface. Occasionally the recordings turn out better than they have any right to. Such was the case here. As always, have a listen to the samples and make your own call.

Obviously, this source won't compare to the excellent Schoeps source from Berkeley night one' but, given its humble origins, it's surprisingly listenable. I think it does a nice job conveying the energy and feel of the gig. And for those who want the entire 'Funeral' show trilogy on tape, well, here ya go!

The audio is not always the cleanest due to me and the mics getting jostled or blocked by drunk folks, and you'll hear more than one plastic cup meet its demise under someone's foot, but by and large, the trouble spots don't interfere much with the sound of the band, and the audience chatter is minimal, which is something of a small miracle. If anyone cares enough to go in and give the recording another spot shine with Izotope or some other program, be my guest.

Please support the artists; buy the records, go to the shows. Share and trade this recording freely, but refrain from selling. }