Aerosmith: "Remember the Alamo"
San Antonio, TX

band lineup
Steven Tyler, vocals, harmonica, percussion
Jimmy Crespo, guitars and vocals
Rick Dufay, guitars
Tom Hamilton, bass
Joey Kramer, drums

set list
(disc one)
intro/Back In the Saddle
Mama Kin
Big Ten Inch Record
Three Mile Smile
Reefer Head Woman
Rock In A Hard Place
Lord of the Thighs
Lick And A Promise
Sweet Emotion
Dream On
When the Lightning Strikes
Walk This Way
(disc two)
Milk Cow Blues
drum solo
Toys In the Attic
Train Kept A'Rollin'

The best sounding source from this brief period that I have yet to hear. Definitely a soundboard or (possibly) an FM broadcast. If FM, I would have thought that this would be more prevalent in trading circles, so I'll assume a soundboard. Since Classics Live! I and II were released in the following years, it's quite possible that this was one of the sources to be used for those records.

Be that as it may, the band really sounds HOT this night. Joe Perry had been gone for three years and Brad for over one, yet the band finally sounds cohesive. Perhaps it's because they were sober! That's a conjecture, not fact, but I've never heard this line-up sound so good. They really breathe life into the old classics and the segues between Three Mile Smile/Reefer Head Woman/Rock In A Hard Place/Lord of the Thighs are spot on. I'm especially happy to hear "Rock In A Hard Place". Though not my favorite tune from the album, it certainly sounds good here. Both shows that I saw on this tour only had "When the Lightning Stikes" played, so I'm happy to heard *anything* different!

JEM 2003.08.17