Bruce Hornsby - solo piano
Scottsdale Center for the Arts
Piper Theater
Scottsdale, Arizona
November 18, 2016

Church Audio CAFS > SP-SPSB-8 battery pack > Zoom H2 (44.1khz/16-bit) >
Adobe Audition (split into tracks, normalized)
Sound: A-

6th row, right of center
Total time approx 119 minutes

01 Introduction
02 Sticks and Stones
03 Every Little Kiss
04 The Road Not Taken
05 Lining Track/Country Doctor
06 The End of the Innocence
07 Bruce Talks
08 Stranger in Our Midst (?)
09 Magic Mirror
10 The Valley Road
11 Life In The Psychotropics
12 Fortunate Son/Comfortably Numb
13 Hooray For Tom
14 The Way It Is
15 Preacher in the Ring
16 Encore Break
17 Mandolin Rain
18 Darlin' Corey

Great solo piano show, audience mostly quiet except for some requests shouted out here and there.
The applause was about 15 DB louder than the music, so I knocked it down to reduce the contrast
somewhat. As a result, there is a bit of hiss, but nothing too bad. I couldn't figure out the name
of Track 8, so if you can help out, please do! Some blurry cell phone pics and scans
of the program are included as well.

Bruce Hornsby, piano & vocal