Albert COLLINS, Creteil Maison des arts, 1980 december 9th FM master, FLAC

This is a reconstruction of the show using several broadcasts, so the order of play is certainly not exact.
This torrent features all the tunes broacasted but not the whole show.
The concert happened the day John Lennon was murdered, so Albert talks about this sad event and so the DJ.

Band: Albert Collins, AC Reed, Casey Jones, Marvin Jackson, Johnny Gaden (exact name ?)

01 Got my mojo working medley (cc rider, ...)
02 She's fine
03 Albert's intro, instrumental
04 Speaking about JL, unknown
05 Caldonia
06 Instrumental
07 Intro second set, listen here
08 Ice pick
09 The things i used to to
10 Sweet home Chicago medley (dust my broom, look over yonder, going down)
11 Howling for my darling
12 radio show outro

Cassettes played on a Marrantz SD4051 cassette deck; zoom H4 for wav; PC; audacity for volume and tracking; FLAC.

Some samples in comments.