Bragg, Billy

Bremen, Germany
March 17, 1992

Recording equipment:
Recorder: unknown
Microphone: unknown

Sound Info:
--> 1st gen audience recording on audio-tape
--> converted to 44.1kHz/16bit, tracksplitting, FadeIn/FadeOut (Wavelab 3.0)
--> Wavelab 3.0 equalizer: Low Shelf -0dB at 155Hz, Mid Range +3dB at 500Hz (Level 5), High Shelf +5dB at 2500Hz.
--> converted to flac8 (Trader's Little Helper 2.6.0)

Recording position:

The band:
Billy Bragg - vocals, guitar

Set List:
01. You Woke Up My Neighbourhood
02. Shirley
03. Body Of Water
04. The Myth Of Trust
05. *chatting with the audience*
06. The Saturday Boy
07. Levi Stubbs' Tears
08. Dolphins
09. Sulk
10. *chatting with the audience*
11. Accident Waiting To Happen
12. Cindy Of A Thousand Lives
13. She's Got A New Spell
14. *chatting with the audience*
15. The Warmest Room
16. *chatting with the audience*
17. Sexuality
18. Trust
19. A Lover Sings
20. *chatting with the audience*
21. Just One Victory
22. Waiting for The Great Leap Forwards
23. New England
24. A Message to You Rudy (The Specials cover)

Additional Info:
Some level distortions at track 18.


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