Billy Bragg
The Junction, Cambridge, UK
2019-11-28 (Night 3 of 3)

iPhone 8 (Recorder + App, recorded to Mono WAV in HQ setting) > iTunes (transfer to PC) > Sony Sound Forge 9.0 (for fade in/out, track splitting) > Trader's Little Helper (convert to FLAC 8)

01 Sexuality (Billy Bragg / Johnny Marr)
02 The Price I Pay (Billy Bragg)
03 Thatcherites (Trad. Arr. by Billy Bragg)
04 She's Got A New Spell (Billy Bragg)
05 The Short Answer (Billy Bragg)
06 The Only One (Billy Bragg)
07 Little Time Bomb (Billy Bragg)
08 Must I Paint You A Picture? (Billy Bragg)
09 Upfield (Billy Bragg)
10 The Space Race Is Over (Billy Bragg)
11 Brickbat (Billy Bragg)
12 Valentine's Day Is Over (Billy Bragg)
13 Accident Waiting To Happen (Billy Bragg)
14 Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards (Billy Bragg)
15 Tender Comrade (Billy Bragg)
16 Tank Park Salute (Billy Bragg)
17 There Is Power In A Union (Billy Bragg / George Frederick Root)
18 A13 Trunk Road To The Sea (Billy Bragg / Bobby Troupe)