Billy Bragg
The Troubadour
West Hollywood, CA
February 23, 2019

Second of a three night stand at the Troubadour. On night two Billy concentrates on his fist three releases (Life's A Riot With Spy Vs Spy, Brewing Up With Billy Bragg, and Talking With The Taxman About Poetry) and throws in some singles and ep tracks from the period. A long, flawless show with Billy in fine voice. Many songs not heard in years. All songs but two on electric guitar. As I have said before, a BB show is as much an intelligent and optimistic discussion of the world, as it is a great musical event. His anecdotes are often so dead on you want to jot them down. Plus, many great stories about his early career playing clubs in England and touring America with Echo and the Bunnymen and the Smiths, with Wiggie in tow. The Troubadour is one of the best and best sounding venues in LA. A great crowd. A terrific recording. Samples below.

24bit 48K recording. If you still burn to CD, it's pretty easy to convert the files to CD specs.
A good place ti divide discs is after 18. The Saturday Boy.

Sonics>Battery Box>Edirol R-09HR>ProTools (for level adjustment, compression, eq, noise reduction and song separation)>flac.

Taped and mastered by JB. Please don't sell or convert to lossy format. Don't upload to any site that has anything to do with lossy material.


01. The Milkman Of Human Kindness
02. A Lover Sings
03. (Billy talks about his mom and brother . . .)
04. The Myth Of Trust
05. (Billy talks about his very early gigs . . .)
06. The Busy Girl Buys Beauty
07. (Billy talks socialism . . .)
08. Ideology
09. (Billy talks difficulty of remembering lyrics . . .)
10. St Swithin's Day
11. Greetings To The New Brunette
12. (Billy introduces . . .)
13. Like Soldiers Do
14. (Billy talks about his 1st American touring opening for Echo and the Bunnymen . . .)
15. This Guitar Says Sorry
16. (More on touring with Echo stories . . .)
17. The Man In The Iron Mask . . .
18. The Saturday Boy
19. (Billy talks about 2nd tour with The Smiths . . .)
20. Richard
21. (Billy talks about his next book and equality and accountability . . .)
22. The World Turned Upside Down
23. Lovers Town Revisited
24. (Billy talks Thomas Hardy and introduces . . .)
25. The Man He Killed
26. Between The Wars
27. (Billy talks Brexit . . .)
28. Levi Stubbs Tears
29. (Billy talks empathy and compassion. . .)
30. To Have And To Have Not
31. There Is Power In A Union
32. (Billy debates what to play next . . .)
33. I Don't Need This Pressure Ron
34. Help Save The Youth of America
35. (Billy talks Life's A Riot With Spy Vs Spy)
36. A New England