Black Sabbath
De Montford Hall, Leicester, England
Artwork included

Lineage: Unknown generation audio tape -> CDR (Bolandos collection) -> WAVE -> FLAC

This was requested by limbomaniacs. Many thanks to Bolandos for original upload and to roberto_nqn for creating the artwork!

- Ave Satani
- The Gates Of Hell
- Headless Cross
- Neon Knights
- Children Of The Sea
- Guitar intro & Die Young
- When Death Calls
- War Pigs
- The Shining
- The Mob Rules
- Guitar intro & Black Sabbath (1st version; cuts out after 6:52 min)
- Guitar intro & Black Sabbath (2nd version; cuts out after 0:46 min)

- Guitar intro & Black Sabbath (3rd version; complete, but much lower volume)
- Devil And Daughter
- Iron Man
- Children Of The Grave
- Heaven And Hell
- Paranoid & Heaven And Hell (reprise)

For some reason, as you can see in the tracklist above, the song "Black Sabbath" is included 3 times here - first cuts out after about 7 min, second version cuts out after less than 1 min, 3rd version is complete. Additionally, the first disc sounds much louder than the second (which includes the complete version of the song "Black Sabbath"). I guess some strange things happened during a tape-to-tape transfer. However, I leave everything as it is. Enjoy!