Blink 182 - Adelaide Entertainment Centre, March 14th 2004

I used to record concerts as a teenager. Quite geeky, but taping live shows is a thing and I did it, and for that reason, I present to you blink in Adelaide, 2004.

Incomplete AUD recording. Left the gig early (girlfriend at the time was bored, haha). Pretty sure this is Giant Squid mics into a Sony or Sharp MD. Doesn’t sound like my old Sonic Studios.

Before this show, Travis broke his ankle. The rest of the tour was cancelled.

Another better, older, Blink gig coming your way soon.

1. Family Reunion
2. What’s My Age Again?
3. Feeling This
4. Dumpweed
5. Reckless Abandon
6. Down
7. I Miss You
8. Violence
9. Rock Show
10. Here’s Your Letter
11. Asthenia
12. Stay Together For The Kids

Lineage is MZ-RH1 > Sonic Stage 4.3 > WAV > Logic (EQ) > xACT (Split and Flac)

This is dedicated to /u/mynameis_elmo for his recent Nirvana leaks