Bo Diddley, My Fathers Place, Roslyn, NY 1986-12-13 Remastered

Taper : Joe D'Amico "AKA" Joebeacon

Editing : Joe D'Amico "AKA" Joebeacon

Nak 300 Mics > Sony D-5

Master Tape > Nak Dragon > Sony Sbm 1 > Creative Extigy Soundcard > Cool Edit > Master Files > Adobe Audition > Ozone > Traders Little Helper

Little Story From This Show . The Table We Were Sitting Next To Was Reserved For Keith Richards And His Family .
About Ten Minutes Before Show Started Keiths Father, Son And Ex-Wife Showed Up .
His Dad And Kid Where Real Nice The Ex Was A Mess She Was Passed Out On The Chairs By The End Of The Night.
Keith Was Suppose To Play With Bo But He Never Showed Up .
As We Where Leaving The Show We Had To Help Keiths Dad And Son Get His Ex Up Of The Floor .
Nothing Like Making A Fool Of Yourself In Front Of Your Ex Father In Law And Your Son .

Setlist :
01-Intro > Oh Yeah
02-Little Girl
03-I Played It For Her
05-I'm A Man
06-Nobody But You
07-Who Do You Love
08-Crackin' Up
09-You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover
10-Good Cake Batter
11-Oh Baby
12-Hey Bo Diddley