Bonnie Raitt 1972-02-22 Sigma Sound, Rainbow Room, Philadelphia, PA prefm flac

Bonnie Raitt
Sigma Sound Studios
Rainbow Room, WMMR
Philadelphia, PA, USA

February 22, 1972

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Bonnie Raitt 1972-02-22 Sigma Sound Studios / Philadelphia, PA, US (16-bit) (FLAC)

by DrBob 2010-08-21 10:51 PM

DrBob states:
"Got this over at Dime from the uploader PrPasel. Credit to him!!!
Per PrPasel "share away, I found it on another site my self. enjoy and thanks for asking"
Simply Incredible recording, the clairity, depth, and vibrancy of this is not to be underrated. Bonnie's voice and playing are dead on. - a must have, even if you are so-so on the blues.

fossilhippie: This is one of the best bootlegs you'll ever hear by a very young Bonnie. She hadn't yet developed that smokey vocal quality to her voice. Do yourself a big favor and pick this one up if you don't already have it. This might be the best sounding boot on the tracker.


Source Info:
unknown taper, unknown first downloader.
Pre-FM Reel > DAT(M) > DAT(1) > My DAT (circa 1992)

DAT 59ES > CDRW700 > CD-R (circa 1997-98) > EAC > SHN (circa 2003) > FLAC Conversion 09-SEPT-2005

My great thanks to MatB for this!!
non-torrent dl > iMac (OSX 10.13.6) > xACT 2.47 (ffp st5) > Transmission 2.94 > share
see checksums file for details.


01 [04:03] Mighty Tight Woman
02 [04:23] Rollin' & Tumblin' (Newbern)
03 [03:39] Anyday Woman
04 [03:43] Woman Be Wise
05 [02:57] Thank You
06 [03:38] Bluebird (Stills)
07 [05:23] Finest Lovin' Man
08 [04:42] Big Road
09 [02:50] Stayed Too Long At The Fair
10 [04:04] Under The Falling Sky
11 [03:59] Walkin' Blues (Robert Johnson)
12 [03:06] Can't Find My Way Home (Winwood)
13 [03:52] Richland Woman Blues (M. John Hurt)
14 [03:32] Blender Blues
15 [01:04] (Radio Jingle Promo)
16 [02:50] Since I Fell For You!! (Buddy Johnson)

TT [58:11]

Band Info:

Bonnie Raitt - Guitar, piano, vocals
Dan (Freebo) Freeberg - Bass
T.J. Tindle - Guitar, harp
John Davis - Harp

"Since I Fell for You" is a jazz and pop standard. The blues ballad was composed by Buddy Johnson in 1945 and was first popularized by his sister, Ella Johnson, with Buddy Johnson and His Orchestra. In 1947, the song again became a hit for Annie Johnson and Paul Gayten, reaching number three on the R&B chart. The biggest hit version of "Since I Fell for You" was recorded by Lenny Welch in 1963, reaching number four on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart on December 28, 1963. It also reached number three on the Easy Listening chart. In 1967, the song recharted at #134.

I might advise taking t15 off if you don't like it. Above all, don't take off t16!! Great great stuff

This all sounds very very nice! A great performance in wonderful sound, even if the legend is hard to swallow...

As is often so, here's an elaborate story about the origin of the recording. Maybe more likely as an alibi than an explanation? Even comes with the usual disclaimer. Try this one out:

The Legend:

Like any story passed on with some music this needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Here what was told to me and this is what I know.

An intern at WMMR in the 80's recorded this show to an analog source. Being such a tremendous recording this
individual longed to re-record the master reel straight to a digital source as they became increasingly popular in the early 90's. At this point the intern had moved on and no longer had this type of access. However, he remembered periodically that the studio or the station allowed access to the 'records room' for research activity. Posing as a university affiliate doing research on 70's radio advertising this individual gained access to the master reels with a portable Sony DAT deck. The room was laid out with shelves with tables on the far end with cassette decks, reel to reel and 'cart' type recorders. Unplugging the cart recorder and connecting the DAT deck history was then digitized. If you look at the timeline it was more than likely recorded with a Sony TCD D3. This early DAT deck was actually graced with a very nice A to D chip. I believe the same chip found in the Panasonic SV3700. Therefore a very nice digital transcript was made that day.

At this time I was working at a mail order facility selling DAT tapes. Which at the time were very expensive, $12 or more per tape. The individual with this Bonnie recording told us the story above. Is it true? Who knows but he use to buy DAT tapes from us regularly. He made us a cassette of this famous recording and we bugged him to make us a DAT copy for months. He did not have the means to do DAT to DAT. On a visit to the 'store' in Stamford in 1992 we finally were able to make 1 DAT clone. I subsequently cloned that DAT. Most likely the clone was made between a Panasonic SV3700 and a Sony 59ES. But, possibly between 2 SV3700's. At the 'shop' we had so many DAT decks with many configurations.

I have no doubt this is direct from the Pre-FM Reels and one listen and you will have no doubt either. Easily one of the finest recordings by any musician at any time.


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4) Enjoy thoroughly!

Thanks all!