Buddy Guy and His Band
Club 47, Cambridge Mass
7-26-67 Very Good Stereo Audience Tape

2nd Gen Maxell tape @ 7 1/2 ips (Technics 1506) to Tascam Prof CD Recorder

EAC > Wav > Flac

1st Set

1. Opening Number (Cut at the start... They were not ready when the band started)
2. Honky Tonk
3. Worry, Worry, Worry
4. ?????????
5. Sweet Little Angel
6. I'd rather Fight than switch
7. She's Fine

This was taped using a borrowed reel to reel with 2 mics (vintage and make forgotten by taper). This is the first show of the night. I will put up the 2nd show in a week or so. I keep running across shows that I don't think the community has, so I am preparing a few torrents and will put a new one up every Monday night.

I never used noise reduction and all my tapes are at 7 1/2 ips. Nothing has been edited out or EQ'd