Bonnie Raitt
Filene Center at Wolf Trap
Vienna, VA
June 14, 2012

Recording Info:
ALD - Unknown recorder

Mavis Staples was the opening act (Also Recorded)

"The Wolf Trap Collection"

1. Used to Rule the World
(Randall Bramblett cover)
2. Right Down the Line
(Gerry Rafferty cover)
3. Something to Talk About
4. Million Miles
(Bob Dylan cover)
5. You Can't Fail Me Now
6. Love Sneakin' Up on You
7. Come to Me
8. Marriage Made in Hollywood
(Paul Brady cover)
9. Take My Love With You
10. Angel From Montgomery
(John Prine cover)
11. Thing Called Love
(John Hiatt cover)
12. I've Got News for You
(Ray Charles cover)
13. I Feel So Damn Good (I'll Be Glad When I Got the Blues)
(Larry McCray cover)
14. I Can't Make You Love Me
15. Love Me Like a Man
(Chris Smither cover)
16. Down to You
17. A Big Hunk O' Love
(Elvis Presley cover)

Mastering of this source:


This recording found it's way to me from a long time buddy/collector via a portable HD.
The HD contains a good 50-75 shows from Wolf Trap from about 2010 - 2013
I have found NONE of these to be in circulation, nor have I found many to have been recorded via any other source.
So I would regard these as very unique.

I can conclude that almost all of these recordings (if not all) were recorded via ALD.
They are all Mono, and many of the recordings have varrious stages of Clipping.
It's not clear if the clipping is only in the copies I received or are on the original files (which I had no access to)
Without overly enhancing or destroying the recordings, I have done the best I could to master them and put them out.
I would welcome any input on the history of these recordings or anything else that someone could enlighten me on their origin.