British Lion
(w/ openers The Picturebooks * (link to their set below))
Dallas, TX
25 Jan 2020

Richard Taylor – vocals & acoustic guitar
David Hawkins - guitar
Grahame Leslie – guitar
Steve Harris – bass
Simon Dawson - drums
? - roadie / keyboards

Zoom H4n Pro (24/48) > USB > CEP > CD Wave Editor > TLH > FLAC (16/41)

Total Playing Time (90:20)

01) Opening Theme
02) This Is My God
03) City of Fallen Angels
04) Judas
05) Father Lucifer
06) The Burning
08) Spit Fire
09) The Chosen Ones
10) Land of the Perfect People
11) These Are the Hands
12) Legend
13) Bible Black
14) Us Against the World
15) Lightning
16) Last Chance
18) A World Without Heaven
19) Eyes of the Young

I've only seen Iron Maiden once, and it was my introduction to the band. It was on the "Killers" tour, where they opened for Judas Priest & Humble Pie. I bought one of their t-shirts before even hearing them, because I thought they looked so cool. Soon after the concert I ordered the 1st two albums, which are still my favorite Maiden albums.

* The opening band, The Picturebooks, was a very nice suprise. You can grab their opening set at the following link.