Twisted Acoustics presents...

Band name: Bush
Date: 24 July, 2019
Venue/location: Northlands Park Parking Lot [K-Days South Stage]
Recording type: Audience
Taper(s): ExVee
Photography: xx
Artwork: xx
Media: Lossless
Source information: Digital Masters
Source 1: PA > Zoom iQ5 > Reaper > You
Generation: Master
Total running time: 50:36

Track listing:
01. Machinehead
02. This is War
03. Body
04. Everything Zen
05. Bullet Holes
06. Little Things
07. Comedown

Notes and comments:
Lineup: ??, Bush
The Band:
Gavin Rossdale - Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Robin Goodridge - Drums
Chris Traynor - Lead guitar, backing vocals
Corey Britz - Bass, backing vocals

Bush was actually really good live, though the song I waaanted to hear, People That We Love, was not played live. The only problem was the weather, I was wearing a rain poncho, but my arms were still outside the thing, and it was cold. During the song Little Things, you can hear the audience and sound changes, mostly cause I ended up turning around and away from the stage, cause Gavin came down, and walked allll the way around outside the VIP pit, his attitude and positivity through the show was something that was nice though, it definately worked to bring the mood up giving that it was raining basically for the whole set.

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Finally, the confusion in regards to the legality of recording concerts is due to those dishonorable individuals who sell them. We do not condone selling freely-shared live music, and blame those who sell concerts for the lack of people recording and sharing content. Let it also be noted that any who sell this recording deserve nothing more than to have their own collection confiscated and shared freely with the masses. Please only degrade audio quality for personal use. Also, we ask that you keep this info file intact.
Not one shall gain profit off this recording.
Mastered and Tracked by ExVee on 18 August 2019

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