Alt-imate Tour
Timber Rattler Stadium
Appleton WI
July 26, 2019

The Chemicals Between Us
This is War
The Sound of Winter
Everything Zen
Bullet Holes
Little Things

Source- Audience
Lineage- Church Audio CAO, 9200 PreAmp, Edirol R09HR
Some EQ and volume boosting post-production

Gavin is always a showman, it does hurt his vocal delivery from time to time as he's not always at the mic for the next line or running around the stadium as was the case during Little Things but he sure has a ton of energy and looks to be in ridiculous shape, I cannot imagine the regiment.

BTW, this place does have some stupid corporate name for the stadium, but I will never call it by that name.The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers are a minor league baseball team for the Milwaukee Brewers (and the team was called the Appleton Foxes in the past and was once an affiliate of the White Sox and the Mariners and possibly some others)

I never have much luck in huge outdoor shows for sound quality but this is about as good as I could expect to pull, pretty happy with it.

OLP played first (damn), then +LIVE+, then Bush, although Live's set was the longest. I will be posting the other sets on DIME as well.

You can find +LIVE+ set at...

and you can find OLP at....