Catfish and the Bottlemen
Köln, Germany
Live Music Hall
31 Januar 2020

Minimax-master-series #1283

Master - Audience recording
recording position: middle of the second row
Equipment: Zoom H4N with Sound professional microphones SP-CMC-8
sound-quality: excellent

concert info:
after so many years I gave up hope that they would show up in my area. I also gave up listening to them...
When I first saw them in a small pub at Brighton I really liked their performance, especially Vans' talking to/with the audience.
Seeing them one year later on that big Best Kept Secret-festival on that big stage early in the afternoon with just a few people showing up,
nearly only young girls, I got an idea how it might go on.
Now they got big in the U.K. but not that big over here in Germany. I found myself in between hundreds of young female students crying
and singing their hearts out beeing the oldest guy in the audience.
Why are they such a teen-band? They are looking good-guys playing rock-music. And Van knows how to pose, beeing cool and a bit arrogant.

CATB did a loud, high energetic rock-show, but got a bit lost the longer this set took. The start was really great, the songs were good,
but there was no interaction between the band and the audience, just posing on stage...
Maybe this was the last time I saw this band - keeping them in mind in their earlier days.

Van McCann
Benji Blakeway
Johnny Bond
Bob Hall


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