Chris Cornell
September 7, 2006
Stockholm, Sweden

Source/Lineage: FM (Bandit 106.3, local radiostation in Stockholm) > Denon TU-580RD (FM Stereo tuner) > Creative Soundblaster Live (Soundcard) > Cool Edit 2000 (recording and editing) > CD Wave Editor 1.94.8 (tracking) > MKW Audio Compression Tool Kit 0.97 > shn

Recorded and edited by: Magnus Gustafsson (ducatimagnus at hotmail dot com)

01. Doesn't Remind Me
02. Like A Stone
03. Wide Awake
04. Fell On Black Days
05. Be Yourself
06. Billie Jean
07. Original Fire
08. Redemption Song/(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love And Understanding
09. All Night Thing
10. Black Hole Sun
11. Call Me A Dog
12. Thank You
Time: 56:46

I edited out a commercial break and all the annoying loud radio station ads in the broadcast, and I did my best to do the editing as smooth as possible.
Bandit 106.3 is only broadcasting locally in Stockholm and the signal isn't the best. I used my cable TV outlet because I got the best signal there. Despite that you can occasionally hear some "noise" or "static" because of the somewhat weak signal. I just wanted to point that out so you don't expect a perfectly clean recording, but it doesn't really hurt the performance unless you are sensitive and listen carefully with headphones.