Chris Bailey and Ed Kuepper

16th May 2010

Bennett's Lane, Melbourne.

2 x Core Sound Mics > MicroTrack II > Transcend 16GB Flashcard @ 24bit/96kHz wav > MacBook Pro Mac OS 10.2.6 > Amadeus Pro 2.75 > Normalize > Trackmark > align on Sector Boundaries > Re sample @ 16 bit / 44.1kHz aiff > add Metadata > convert to FLAC with xACT Version 2.48


First of a month of Sundays at Bennett's Lane in Melbourne. A jazz club as you can hear Chris Bailey comment.

I attended and recorded the other nights, if there is any interest I will happily upload them too. Their set lists are pretty much the same throughout. The only difference was the inclusion of Laydown (Candles In The Wind), Melanie Safka's song from 1970, and removal Messin' With The Kid.

I believe they were doing these gigs whilst there were plans to record an album for Liberation Blue. This was a series featuring artists such as Steven Cummings, Dave Mason (The Reels), The Church and so on, re-interpreting their old material, acoustically. Anyway, it didn't happen. No surprise.

They only covered one Saints tune, during their residency, and that was this night.

I sat at the front in the middle with the mics on my lapels.

Chris Bailey - vocals, bass and acoustic guitar,
Ed Kuepper - vocals and electric guitars

01 Introduction 00:21
02 The Ballad of Hollis Brown 07:15
03 Just Like Fire Would 04:23
04 Messin' Pt 2 06:42
05 Road To Oblivion 06:02
06 In The Mirror 06:33
07 I'm With You 03:47
08 Massacre 04:36
09 Car Headlights 03:19
10 Steam Trains 07:08
11 Photograph 05:20
12 Miracles 05:30
13 A Gentlemen Came Walking 04:32
14 The Way I Made You Feel 05:53
15 Gone With The Wind 07:41
16 Send In The Clowns 05:17
17 Audience 03:50
18 Move It On Over (fragment) 00:43
19 Messin' With The Kid 08:11

If you want to convert to mp3 for your own use, do as you will, it's beyond my control.

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